Spraynard ‎– The Mark Tom And Patrick Show LP (white vinyl)


Asian Man Records (AMR-277)

14 track White Vinyl compilation LP.

This collection of long out of print 7 inches, compilation tracks, live tracks, and even a brand new studio recording brings together a band that disbanded in 2012.

A1 – Spraynard - Internet May Mays
A2 – Spraynard - Are You Ladies Familiar With The Work Of Zach And Cody
A3 – Spraynard - Just Like Mexico
A4 – Spraynard - 84' Sheepdog
A5 – Spraynard - I'm Going To Look One More Time For The Baby Deer
A6 – Spraynard - Thrillhouse
A7 – Spraynard - Do You Guys Even Like U2?
A8 – Spraynard - Airports And Prank Phone Calls
A9 – Spraynard - No Taxis In Malvern
A10 – Spraynard - Subsidizing Edward Norton
B1 – Spraynard - Until The Next Time
B2 – Spraynard - Our Retired Explorer
B3 – Spraynard - Live Recording
B4 – Everyone Everywhere - Everyone Everywhere