The Atoms - I'm Pretty Good (At Fucking Up) 7" - PRE-ORDER

Image of The Atoms - I'm Pretty Good (At Fucking Up) 7" - PRE-ORDER


This is a pre-order. Update for 10/09/2019 - The records are shipping from Missing Fink Records in US directly to the band in Derby who will then ship all pre-orders to Brassneck. There have been 2 separate delays in the records making it to the UK and I apologise to everyone who has pre-ordered this record and is waiting a long time to get them. They are expected to arrive in roughly 2 weeks so I will post all pre-orders upon arrival. Sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience. If there's any issues with any of this please email me at brassneckrecords [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk - cheers

Missing Fink Records

3 track 7" on either pink (200 copies) or black (300 copies) vinyl.

US folks can go directly to the label at Missing Fink Records

A1 - I'm Pretty Good (At Fucking Up)
B1 - Gonna Have A Stroke
B2 - You Must Be A Loser

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