The Connie Dungs - S/T LP (green vinyl)


Mooster Records (MR025)

14 track Green Vinyl LP

Reissue of the 1997 snotty pop punk debut from Kentucky's Connie Dungs. Previously only available on CD from Mutant Pop Records. Remastered by Mass Giorgini.

A1 - I Wanna Be Locked Up
A2 - Scoliosis
A3 - I Wanna Be With Her
A4 - Bloody Footprints
A5 - Punk Enough For You
A6 - Ugly Boys
A7 - Show Girl
B1 - Leave Me Alone
B2 - Barbara
B3 - My Life Sucks
B4 - Locked In My Room
B5 - Dust On The Telephone
B6 - Used To Be Cool
B7 - My Brain Is Full

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