The Dutch Rudders ‎– On Verra LP

Image of The Dutch Rudders ‎– On Verra LP


Monster Zero ‎(MZ#42)

9 tack Black Vinyl LP

Since 2009 these friendly Belgians have been kickin' out the jams! And here is their first LP! 9 fast and catchy punkrock sing-alongs in the greater Dillinger Four, Dopamines, Off With Their Heads and Priceduifkes tradition. Songs about drinking, being drunk and the occasional heartaches.

A1 - Oedipus
A2 - Nice Peace
A3 - Ce N'est Pas La Mer À Boire
A4 - Iron Lungs
A5 - Avoid The Crazy Eyes
B1 - 999
B2 - Falling Apart
B4 - I Was A Teenage Antichrist

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