The Ponches ‎– The Long Goodbye CD

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Monster Zero ‎(MZ-18)

12 track CD in jewel case

The debut album by the Ponches. Moody, energetic punkrock. Good lyrics, good riffs, but always staying true to the basics. This record wasn't written overnight, but was created like a good wine. With care, passion and intensity. Ponches are the men with a plan, Andrea Manges and Alex Bounty recorded it, you get to enjoy it!

01 The 13th Round
02 Easy Come Easy Go (with Andrea Manges)
03 Casablanca Café
04 It's All Up To You
05 Ferriera Beach
06 Korean Ships On The Horizon (with Andrea Manges)
07 Star Wars Inside Me
08 You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
09 The Girl On The Telephone
10 Not Fine
11 Sleeping
12 The Long Goodbye

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