The Priceduifkes – Goathorse LP

Image of The Priceduifkes – Goathorse LP


Bearded Punk Records ‎(BPR014)
Rad Girlfriend Records ‎(RGF-064)
Monster Zero ‎(MZ#61)

12 track Black Vinyl LP

Belgian punkrockers The Priceduifkes release their first (?) full-length upon the masses! What
started in a teenage bedroom in 2003, has mutated into one of Europe's best punkrock bands period.
On 'Goathorse', the four boys from Kempen deliver the perfect blend of punkrock anthems, high
energy bangers and DIYism. They represent their scene, they stay true. Sometimes Weaselesque,
sometimes more No Idea, but always PDS. 12 songs that sound familiar and original at the same
time. Down with the haters, up the punx, PDS Jugend 4 ever.

A1 - Bad Dreams Pt. 2
A2 - (No) Burkini Beach Party (Tonight)
A3 - 1:38
A4 - It's Raining Shit (Hallelujah)
A5 - Greetings From Angerville
A6 - Full Clown
B1 - Miracle Man
B2 - I Can Dance
B3 - Danni's In Denial
B4 - Too Busy Having A Blast
B5 - Braincracking
B6 - Getwood City

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