Tragical History Tour - Aphorisms LP (purple vinyl)

Image of Tragical History Tour - Aphorisms LP  (purple vinyl)

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Aaahh!!! Real Records / Make That A Take / Team Beard

10 track Purple Vinyl LP Limited to 200 copies

Fifteen years in the making, Aphorisms is the début full length from Dundee folk punk Tragical History Tour. The vinyl is a pressing of 300 on “random coloured” vinyl. There are 200ish which are mostly purple, and 100ish that are mostly blue.

A1 Fight For Light
A2 Come On Home, Hero
A3 Old Words
A4 Three Two
A5 What Would Vinnie Mac Do?
B1 Pink Couch
B2 It's Cool, I've Got This
B3 My Little Ray Of Sunshine
B4 No Advice
B5 Final Intervention

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