Witch Fever - Toothless / Daddy Pt.2 7" (red vinyl)


Brassneck Records (neck040)

2 track red vinyl 7" Limited to 329 copies
Includes download code

Brassneck Records is proud to announce the debut release from Manchester's WITCH FEVER. If you don't know them yet, Witch Fever are a 4 piece punk/post-punk/grunge band from Manchester. I saw them by accident at last year's Manchester Punk Festival and they were far and away my favourite new band of the weekend. You seriously need to check them out when they next play in your local punk dive. But in the meantime, here are some words from John Robb who sums it up better than I ever could......

"They are raw, in your face and making a glorious and beautiful racket, are full of explosive and kinetic energy and collapsing new riffs and are going to make a noise musically and culturally…"

A - Toothless
AA - Daddy Pt.2

^^ click the song titles to see the videos for each song....