Sewer Cats - Cute Aggression LP (splatter vinyl)

Image of Sewer Cats - Cute Aggression LP (splatter vinyl)


TNS Records

12 track White Vinyl With Neon Pink Splatter LP

Ferocious, fuzzy, feline-inclined… The Sewer Cats are an explosive Manchester-based punk duo delivering riotous tunes of patriarchy-smashing fury.

A1 Answer The Question
A2 Delia
A3 My Dark One
A4 Sausage Fest
A5 Shit In Your Hands And Clap
A6 English Spaghetti
B1 Will To Survive
B2 Can't Quit You Now
B3 What Do I Know About Men?
B4 Russian Doll
B5 Five Minutes
B6 Cute Aggression

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