Hot Mass - Happy, Smiling & Living The Dream LP (blue vinyl)


Brassneck Records (neck071)
Black Numbers
This Charming Man Records

12 track LP on either Light Blue or Dark Blue Marbled Vinyl (each limited to 200 copies)

Hot Mass return to Brassneck for the release of their second album "Happy, Smiling & Living The Dream". Hailing from Swansea, UK, Hot Mass continue to take their eclectic taste in music and throw it all into a melting pot to create some melodic, grunge fuelled, indie popping, jaw dropping, punk bangers awash with defiant upbeat lyricism.

They released their debut record ‘Nervous Tensions’ in 2016, a record filled to the brim with raw energy and young ideas. In the wake of this, Hot Mass embarked on successful tours around the UK and Europe supporting bands such as The Menzingers, Iron Chic, Toys that Kill and The Bouncing Souls.

And now they're back with 12 new melodic and poignant songs! The album expertly combines driving rhythms with their talent of infusing catchy melodies. The sounds of early college rock, 90’s grunge and UK punk particularly shine through on this record. The band feel more self-assured than ever and play with themes of joy and melancholy with relatable lyrics that take a satirical, questioning and sometimes apathetic stance on world affairs and modern lifestyles.

If you're in the US, you can pick up a copy directly from Black Numbers and people in Mainland Europe can go to This Charming Man in Germany.

A1 Remember, The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You
A2 Lung Capacity
A3 Astroturf
A4 Small Talk Champion
A5 A Literal Century
A6 Hell, Now
B1 The Dissonant Four
B2 Shine On
B3 Callous
B4 Who's Who
B5 Circadian Rhythms
B6 Ungakhali

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