Kimberly Steaks / No Matter - Split 7" (yellow & purple merge vinyl)


Brassneck Records (neck069)

4 track Yellow & Purple Merge Vinyl 7" Limited to 330 copies

The Kimberly Steaks (Scotland) & No Matter (N.Ireland) have both released recent albums on Brassneck that I'd rank among some of my very favourite records of the last few years, so it's great to have them paired up for a new record. 2 new songs from each band plus, the digital version of the release (which you get with the vinyl purchase) includes 2 extra tracks with each band covering a song from the other's back catalogue.

A1 - Kimberly Steaks - Empty Vessel
A2 - Kimberly Steaks - Look The Other Way
AA1 - No Matter - Ad Nauseam
AA2 - No Matter - Jenna's Gonna Snap

Listen / Download here