Sugus - Tolai LP

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CGTH Records
Monster Zero
Snap!! Records

15 track Black Vinyl LP

Here's the new Sugus album! Goomba's favorite mornards are back with 15 punkrock hardhitters. The boys from Madrid leave no cerveza standing as they roar through the record, fast as fuck, snotty as never before and so poppy, it makes your toes tinkle. Some english, some spanish, all in your face!

A1 Tolai!
A2 Animal De Costumbres
A3 Killing My Neighbor
A4 Nada Puede Salir Mal
A5 Siempre Tengo La Razón
A6 Fiesta En Denver
A7 Stay Away From Me
A8 Hoja De Ruta
B1 American Prick
B2 Wonderful World
B3 Recuérdame
B4 Fucking Gods
B5 Me Caigo Bien
B6 VW T5
B7 La Luz

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