Plow United ‎– Three LP (swirl vinyl)


It's Alive Records ‎(IAR103)

14 track Beige/Red Swirl Vinyl LP

Plow United are back at it again with Three, their fifth album and, as with any band that has been around for over two decades, there will be old fans and there will be new fans. And the old fans always wanna know if they still have the energy and enthusiasm that they once did. Plow United prove with Three that they have all the energy and ferocity that they ever did, if not more! That frantic drumbeat blasts on. That gravely scream still pierces straight through to the heart. All of the passionate storytelling and socio-political commentary remain in abundance. Plow United are as punk rock as they've ever been!

A1 - We Should Take Time
A2 - Break The Barrier
A3 - Everything
A4 - Hello Vertigo
A5 - Going Dark
A6 - Momma I'm Not Doing Well
A7 - Illustrations
B1 - Trust
B2 - The Writing On The Wall
B3 - Radio
B4 - This Time
B5 - Bright Eyes
B6 - Let Me In
B7 - Try

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