Born Shit Stirrers / Led Zep Viet Cong – Overworked Underfucked 7"

Image of Born Shit Stirrers / Led Zep Viet Cong – Overworked Underfucked 7"


Serial Bowl Records

9 track Blue Vinyl 7"

Born Shit Stirrers/Ledzepvietcong 9 track Split 7" blue vinyl
BSS tracks feature Mike Watt (Minutemenn) on bass with Reverend Norb (Boris The Sprinkler) and Joey Queer (The Queers) adding vocals.

What we get on this fine split EP are 5 tracks from the Stirrers, delivered fast, furious and of course ferociously, albeit with a lovely back beat that gets your foot tapping as well cajoling you to do a pogo in a pit if such things are ever brought back again. With song titles that sound as though they have fallen off the back of a Sore Throat lorry, driven madly by a glue-sniffing Chaotic Dischord groupie

With Ledzepvietcong, you get a much more laid-back flip side and its 4 songs, but the lyrical approach is somewhat similar – “Kin Mugi Motherfucker” is a prime example and with its raw, groovy fuzztastic thing going on, sounding like an early Beck and Daniel Johnson and a fucked up Dinosaur Jr.

A1 Born Shit Stirrers – This Machine Kills Cockblockers
A2 Born Shit Stirrers – Sit On My Face Kyoko
A3 Born Shit Stirrers – Stop Wiping Your Arse Over My Facebook Feed
A4 Born Shit Stirrers – The Plural Of Vinyl Is Vinylses
A5 Born Shit Stirrers – Richard Gere
B1 Ledzepvietcong – Liquored Up
B2 Ledzepvietcong – Lonely Walls
B3 Ledzepvietcong – Island Hopping
B4 Ledzepvietcong – Kin Mugi Mother Fucker

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