The Atoms - Lo ​Brow Hi​-​Fi LP (colour vinyl)

Image of The Atoms - Lo ​Brow Hi​-​Fi LP (colour vinyl)


Council Pop Records
Prorawk Records

15 track LP on either pink or green vinyl

It's finally here! The Atoms got invited to record an album at Joe Queer's house! They almost died in Atlanta more than once over those two weeks and, by the end of it recorded some top end snotty British pop-punk / punk-rock Joe Queer describes as 'Just as good if not better than a lot of bands Lookout Records put out in the 90s'! Get a copy. Get low-brow.

01 Steve is a Smackrat
02 I'm Pretty Good (At Fucking Up)
03 Bukowski
04 Rolling Around the World (traditional arrangement)
05 The Longest Time I've Been Single Since Leaving School
06 I Hope She Dies (Joe Queer version)
07 Stop Stalking My Girlfriend
08 Gonna Have A Stroke
09 Calling In Sick
10 Sicko
11 Pre-Teen Coke-Fiend
12 I Don't Wanna Know
13 Shes a Nerd
14 V-Neck A-Go-Go
15 You Must Be A Loser (Bellfuries)

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