La Rabbia ‎– In The Face Of Atrocities LP

Image of La Rabbia ‎– In The Face Of Atrocities LP


No Front Teeth

24 Track Black Vinyl LP in a double-sided folded poster sleeve.

A1 Phase One: The Crime
A2 Massa Di Vermi
A3 Vow Of Violence
A4 The Predator Acting As Prey
A5 The Ends Don't Justify The Means
A6 Under Surveillance
A7 Phase Two: The Capture
A8 Unmask
A9 L'Odio Non Siv Sciogliera Mai
A10 Professional Arrogance
A11 In The Face Of Atrocities
A12 Non Ti Aiuteranno
B1 Phase Three: The Trial
B2 Connecting Dots That Don't Connect
B3 La Tortura Di Non Sapere
B4 Dominated By Doubt
B5 Sogni Cancellati
B6 Destroying With Nothing To Replace
B7 Phase Four: The Sentence
B8 Self-Deception
B9 Self-Defence
B10 Un Decennio D'Inverno
B11 Industry & Thrift
B12 Solitudine Infinita

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