The Mr. T Experience – Revenge Is Sweet... LP (orange vinyl)


Sounds Rad

16 track Clear Orange Vinyl LP in a gatefold sleeve with slipmat & poster. Limited to 300 copies.

After 25 years, the seminal 90's MTX release is back and better than ever! We spent over a year transcribing and remastering the album with Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering from the original tapes, and the end result is a bright, clear, and distinct album that sounds better than ever. This deluxe dibs album version features full gate-fold artwork expanded and reworked by Chris Appelgren. And make this release extra special, we have packed in a special large format poster.

A1 Here She Comes
A2 She's Coming (Over Tonight)
A3 Love Is Dead
A4 Hell Of Dumb
A5 Lawnmower Of Love
A6 With My Looks And Your Brains
A7 The Weather Is Here, Wish You We're Beautiful
A8 Another Yesterday
B1 Swiss Army Girlfriend
B2 ...And I Will Be With You
B3 Who Needs Happiness, I'd Rather Have You
B4 When I Lost You
B5 I Don't Need You Now
B6 Our Love Will Last Forever And Ever
B7 Some Foggy Mountain Top
B8 You You You