Don Blake - Anti-Charisma Wholesale 12" (colour vinyl)

Image of Don Blake - Anti-Charisma Wholesale 12" (colour vinyl)


Update - All pre-orders were posted on 28/07/2020.

Brassneck Records (neck057)
Bloated Kat (BKR057)

6 track Random Colour Vinyl 12" EP Limited to just 196 copies

Brassneck is proud to welcome Don Blake (the band, not the person) to the family. If you don't know them already, they're a punk quartet from Manchester and Anti-Charisma Wholesale is a (mostly) self-recorded six song EP which finds them sharpening their sound to deliver a short, concentrated burst of super catchy, highly technical, thinking folks' Skate Punk. FFO: No use For A Name, Spoilers, Swan Prince, etc. If you're in (or near) the US, go and see Bloated Kat Records.

A1 The Future Is A Closed Door
A2 A Comfortable Lie
A3 The Penitent One
B1 Almost Got Em
B2 Haze Again
B3 Polaroid

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