Freddie & The Vangrails - Almost Really Care!!!! LP (blue vinyl)


One Chord Wonder (OCW-030)

15 track Blue Vinyl LP Limited to 200 copies.

Belgian lo-fi garage punk. There's not much info about these guys online and their Facebook page lists their personal information as "bbllleeeuuugghghh". Which I think sums this record up pretty well. If you like your punk lo-fi but melodic and catchy, this one's for you.

A1 - Crash
A2 - The Beast In Me
A3 - Howlin' Hot Dog
A4 - Nancy You're A Sqaure
A5 - Simba Is Full Of Shit
A6 - Nazi Cunt
A7 - Where's The Phone
B1 - Thee Holy Shits
B2 - Broken Rabbit Blues
B3 - CRS
B4 - Attack Of The Vangrails
B5 - Wedding In Vegas
B6 - Neo 60's Gestapo
B7 - 2 Days 2 Times Fucked
B8 - Kill The Bee Gees

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