Latte+ ‎- No More Than Three Chords LP (colour vinyl) PRE-ORDER

Image of Latte+ ‎- No More Than Three Chords LP (colour vinyl) PRE-ORDER


FAO people who pre-ordered this album. The records arrived in the UK on October 14th and were posted on the 15th.

ProRawk Records

18 track vinyl LP available on either Blue or Yellow Vinyl.

‘No More Than Three Chords’ was originally released to CD only in 2014 and was the band’s first album to be entirely sung in English, instantly becoming a fan favorite, and considered to be the breakthrough album that catapulted LATTE+ onto the international punk rock scene. The 2021 release of ‘No More Than Three Chords’ will be the first time this album has been released on Vinyl and will also include a previously unreleased bonus track entitled ‘I Don’t Wanna Be With You Tonite’

01 No More Than Three Chords
02 Johnny Ramone
03 So Long Mother Fucker
04 I Wanna Be Like Steve McQueen
05 She's Gone Today
06 Rise Up
07 It's Ok For Us
08 Anyway I Wanna Be With You
09 Something About You
10 It's Been A Long Time
11 Teenage Schizoid
12 Armanda
13 Here Comes The Summer
14 I Lost You In The Basement
15 Your Time Is Over
16 Striped Girl
17 We Are Disturbed
18 I Don't Wanna Be With You Tonite

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