The Brokedowns & Vacation Bible School - Split 7" (white vinyl)

Image of The Brokedowns & Vacation Bible School - Split 7" (white vinyl)


It's Alive Records ‎(IAR#67)

6 track White Vinyl 7"

The Brokedowns play some of the most singular, heavy hitting, far from simple punk rock by any band around. I've read many failed attempts at describing their sound. I am sure this will be another one. At times it is punishing. At others totally poppy. And more often than not it is both at the same time. These guys are some kind of punk rock wizards!

Vacation Bible School play pop punk the way the greats of the early 90s did. The roots of their music are embedded in the same place as they are for all pop punk bands, but from there they grew and spread out into branches of style and substance that as a whole make for an incredibly unique and well crafted sound in a genre that is often lacking of individuality and significance. Vacation Bible School have been perfecting their sound for nearly a decade and it shows.

A1 – The Brokedowns - This Future Sucks
A2 – The Brokedowns - Sean, Bless This Shit
A3 – The Brokedowns - The Same Mistakes Endlessly Repeated (On Repeat)
B1 – Vacation Bible School - All To Blame
B2 – Vacation Bible School - Middle Son(g)
B3 – Vacation Bible School - Left Behind (The Kirk Cameron Story)

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