The Phase Problem - The Phase Problem LP (colour vinyl)


Brassneck Records
Mom's Basement Records

13 track Colour Vinyl LP on either yellow or green vinyl (each limited to 200 copies)

The Phase Problem is a new band featuring Flav Giorgini from Squirtgun, Fraser from Wrong Life, John from Paws & Pete from Ducking Punches. There’s also guest appearances from Squirtgun singer Matt Hart and Screeching Weasel/Riverdales drummer Dan Lumley and the whole thing was mastered by none other than Mass Giorgini. Bloody hell!

01 Out Of Time
02 System Breakdown
03 1 + 1
04 Man Machine
05 Rocknroll Sensation
06 I Feel Okay
07 Bright New Day
08 See It. Say It.
09 Dear Doctor Franklin
10 Marked Man
11 Deus Ex Machina
12 Had Enough
13 Forever Girl

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