Zatopeks – Ain't Nobody Left But Us LP

Image of Zatopeks – Ain't Nobody Left But Us LP


It's Alive Records
Stardumb Records

15 track Black Vinyl LP

Originally released in 2005 on CD only, Ain't Nobody Left But Us was the first full length album by the UK's Zatopeks. Twelve years later, we've teamed up with Stardumb Records to finally release this album on vinyl. To sweeten the release, a bonus track has been added that was previously only available on a compact disc compilation. It's funny how music formats have changed so much since a decade ago. What hasn't changed is my love for this band and for the label that originally brought this album into the world. Zatopeks remain one of my favorite bands to this day, combining early rock n roll influenced classic pop punk drive with stripped down folk styling like no other band can. On this album, Zatopeks were still producing songs about their alter ego Z-Boys gang and their 1950s-esque shenanigans, but it was also the album that gave rise to the downright poetic, heartfelt lyrical masterpieces that I most love this band for. If you've never heard Zatopeks before, start here and work forward to get the full experience. If you're already a fan, take a trip down memory lane with to a days of old with those rambling Z-Boys.

A1 The Summer I Fell In Love With Jimmy's Girl
A2 Turkish Bread Chronicle
A3 City Lights
A4 Mary Lou
A5 Some Town In Northern France
A6 The Boy Done Good
A7 The Night Spider Earned His Colours
B1 Devil In A '55
B2 Another Night On The Divide
B3 Jenny Kissed Me
B4 Quality Footwear
B5 Turn To Gold Blues
B6 Sophie Scholl
B7 DeNiro Come On
B8 At The Dive

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